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Bikana Plaster Of Paris

Bikana Plaster Of Paris
Bikana Plaster Of Paris
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Product Description
Welcome to World of Bikana Plaster !

  • A high quality product brought to you by Goyal Plaster Industries, Bikana is the result of an uncompromising manufacturing process. A plaster with which you can shape your most challenging ideas of interiors into reality. A plaster that is true investment in your chosen home or office environment.

  • Our plant at Bikaner in Rajasthan is strategically located near mines that produce India's finest raw Gypsum. We gring this high quality Gypsum into an ultra-fine powder and put it through the unique Isothermic Micronic Process. It involves heating the powder continuously at a pre-set temperature, while simultaneously cleaning it of unwanted silica. This key process is conducted under the close supervision of our Expert Quality Assurance personnel.
    The Result is a POP of Unmatched Whiteness.

  • Bikana Plaster's ultra-fineness and lightness also mean that you can cover more area with less POP thus ensuring greater economy.

  • Compared to ordinary plasters, Bikana plaster has a slower setting time. This means that it allows more time for application, while minimizing the scope of wastage during the process. It also gives the plaster a longer lifespan.

  • Such product excellence and superior performance would not have been possible without our strong R & D, our Extensive Laboratory Facilities, and our Strict Quality Control at every stage of Manufacture.

  • Thanks to this strong Infrastructure and Capabilities, We can even offer Bikana in tailor-made grades as well - with precise specifications as required by the Customer, e.g. "a different curing time or a particular level of hardness."
    In fact, we have already developed exciting variants like the Revolutionary Ready Mix POP (Single substitute to cement and finishing plaster) and fibre plaster & Coloured POP varieties etc.

  • Bikana Plaster is supplied in moisture-proof, fully sealed and tamper-proof pack. Our company is in a position to meet orders of any size and deliver anywhere in INDIA.

AVAILABLE IN PACKAGING OF 20kg, 25kg & 40kg.
**Packaging also Available according to Clients Requirement.**


     -      -
Material retained on 150-micron IS Sieve
Percent by massNill    
IS 2333:1992
Material retained on 75-micron IS Sieve5.5
Maximum - 7
Normal Consistency-
7060 - 80IS 2333:1992
4.Setting Time
Initial Setting TimeMinutes12
8 - 15IS 2333:1992
Final Setting Time24
15 - 30
Expansion after SettingPercentage0.350.2 - 0.4IS 2333:1992
Modulus of RuptureMPa6.50Minimum - 4.0IS 2333:1992
7.Free MoisturePercent by mass0.56Maximum - 2.0B-2 of IS 2333:1981
8. (as CaCO3)Percent by mass0.20Maximum - 1.0B-3 of IS 2333:1981
Matter insoluble in Hydrochloric AcidPercent by mass0.18Maximum - 1.0R-4 of IS 2333:1981
Alkalinity    -
Pass the TestPass the TestB-2 of IS 2333:1981
Calcium Sulphate (as CaSO4)Percent by mass96.28Minimum - 90.0B-5 of IS 2333:1981
12.Fineness of Particles
Retained on 250-micron IS SievePercent by massNillNillB-3 of IS 2333:1981
Retained on 150-micron IS Sieve0.90Maximum - 3.0
Setting TimeMinutes5.304 - 7A-4 of IS 6556:1972
Tensile StrengthKg/cm218.19Minimum - 15B-4 of IS 2333:1981
Compressive StrengthKg/cm2110.25Minimum - 100R-5 of IS 2333:1981
Loss of IgnitionPercent by mass5.384.5 - 8.0B-6 of IS 2333:1981



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